This week, we sing the song of Curtis — Curtis the Cloudboy, that is. 
He's like a cowboy, except he wrangles clouds. You've probably heard him galloping away up there, when the thunder was particularly loud. 

AND! You can now record a voice message or video right on our submission page! Tune in for next week's entry all about COLLABORATION to see how your ideas can become part of the Adventure Sandwich Saturday Morning series! 
In case you missed it, here's Week Two of our new Saturday morning bite-size Adventure Sandwich videos. Skip to 00:43 to watch our Creative Cockroach crew hard at work. 
Happy New Year from Adventure Sandwich! 
Throughout 2015, we'll be posting a new video every Saturday morning
Check out our first entry: an inquisitive sandwich asks what we've been up to for the last year or so, and Network Executive Barry Igshot sheds some light on the television pitch process. 
Adventure Sandwich had an absolute BLAST at this year's Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG)! Watch in super-fast-motion as we build our Cardboard Playground, let it grow and shift and change, and then shrink it back down to a few folded boxes.

And stay tuned for more opportunities to watch, listen to, or play with Adventure Sandwich LIVE! More details coming soon regarding the Chicago International Puppetry Festival in January and the Museum of Contemporary Art's Family Day: Double in February! 
Join us downtown this Friday for a performance brought to you by the Living Loop performing arts festival. We're thrilled to be a part of this ongoing series, which is livening up the loop every Friday at noon throughout the summer. Our performance is at Pritzker Park (Van Buren & State), 12pm on Friday the 20th. Join us and witness an Elephone talking on the telephant (wait, is that right?), a story of a teacup and a whale, floating jellyfish, a herd of clouds, and much more. We're pumped! 
Come hang out with Curtis the Cloudboy, some Jellyfish, and a whole bunch of Imaginnaise 
this Sunday at 1:45 in downtown Chicago. We're looking forward to being a part of the 30th Anniversary Printer's Row Lit Fest, and would love to see your smiling faces there! 
THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Poetry Foundation for Children's Poetry Day. We had a wonderful time singing about jellyfish, elephants, & other subjects of children's poems. 
Missed it? Have no fear! Adventure Sandwich will be at the Printer's Row Lit Fest June 8th
In the meantime, enjoy this: another incredible example of cardboard's transformative powers
Next Saturday, join Moira Funbuttons and the Adventure Sandwich band as they perform music based on poems selected for the Poetry Foundation's Children's Poetry Day celebration! 
The event starts at 10am, and we're set to begin at 11am. We simply cannot wait. WE CAN'T! Patience is difficult. Anyway, come along and join in the fun! 
Come out and play next weekend at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair to create crafty concoctions and play games with Moira Funbuttons in Adventure Sandwich's Creation Station

Adventure Sandwich will be hanging out all weekend and participating in the World's Largest Playdate Sunday afternoon. When we say world's largest, we mean it—if all goes according to plan, we'll all end up in the Guinness Book of World Records

Want to help out? Send us a message at to volunteer. We need extra hands to help set up the Creation Station, to make our crafts extra creative, and to add more fun to the playdate! Sounds like fun, eh? We agree! So volunteer or simply stop on by! November 23rd-24th at Navy Pier. 

This past Saturday, Adventure Sandwich teamed up with CivicLab & Young Chicago Computer Artists & Engineers for the annual Global Cardboard Challenge. What a blast! Check out some pictures from the day to get a peak at the many incredible cardboard creations, including: a squirrel costume, a house, a castle (complete with working drawbridge), a pair of giant shoes, a skyscraper, an oversized bug-trap, a robot with a heart, and more. 

Give you any ideas for your Halloween costume? Huzzah! Because Moira Funbuttons will be the emcee for this year's annual Halloween Bash at Schubas, featuring Future Hits & Kite Collective

Yet another fun event we're looking forward to--join us! Show off your cool home-made costume in the costume contest, dance with Moira Funbuttons, and have as much fun as possible!