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Huzzah for the senses! Without them, life would be pretty darn dull. And impossible. So we're celebrating the senses both scientifically and sonically

Please enjoy these Five Fun Facts about the Five Senses AND the wonderful new song Five Senses Represented, by Neeleeo of Leithaus Studios Chicago and The Sharp Cookies
Week 14 features an adorable dog, a cartoon baby, realistic dinosaur sounds, and much, much more. So you should probably wait to finish your taxes (or whatever other important work you want to put off) and watch this instead. 
Stay tuned for more next week, and keep sending us your 3-eyed aliens
This week, we're looking for aliens with three eyes. Watch to find out more! 
And if you missed last week's video, we put together a reel explaining Adventure Sandwich! 
Last week we made some new friends while traveling in Miami. Check out the sweet collaboration we made with one of them, Alina Celeste of Youtube. New Friends Make You Feel Special! 
Spice things up this Valentines Day with the Sandwich of Love. 
Some delicious leftovers, courtesy of Collab-O-Rator 9000. So tasty! So funny! Check it out. 
Let Hoagie explain all about "Creative Collaborators," while the COLLAB-O-RATOR 9000 sings a Song of Collaboration. Please Subscribe, Share, and keep creating! Want to add your own ingredients to our next Recipe for Adventure? Head here.  
This week, we sing the song of Curtis — Curtis the Cloudboy, that is. 
He's like a cowboy, except he wrangles clouds. You've probably heard him galloping away up there, when the thunder was particularly loud. 

AND! You can now record a voice message or video right on our submission page! Tune in for next week's entry all about COLLABORATION to see how your ideas can become part of the Adventure Sandwich Saturday Morning series!